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Universal Playback

SimpleViewer now supports Universal Playback and can be viewed on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android. iPad Support


  • Mouse: Click thumbnails or the main image to navigate.
  • Keyboard: Use Cursor keys, Home, End, Page Up/Down to navigate. Press 'F' to toggle Fullscreen mode.
  • Right-Click Menu: Open Image in New Window, Toggle Fullscreen Mode.

SimpleViewer Standard Features

  • Use on any website.
  • Universal Playback. Displays on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Intuitive image navigation and Smart image pre-loading.
  • Resizable interface and Fullscreen mode.
  • Automatic International Language Support.
  • Optional right-click to open image in a new window.
  • Load images locally or from Flickr.
  • svBuilder desktop app for easy gallery building.
  • Free.


Modern example

Full browser, loading local images.

Compact example

Loading from Flickr's most interesting images. Embedded in an HTML page.



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