SimpleViewer-Pro supports advanced customization options, no branding, unlimited images and more. View the SimpleViewer Feature Comparison.

Retirement Notice (July 2017)

SimpleViewer-Pro will soon be put into retirement and is no longer actively maintained. For details on why, please check here. Existing SimpleViewer-Pro customers will continue to receive customer support for a limited time.

We now recommend SimpleViewer-Pro users switch to one of our other products: Juicebox or Showkase. Thanks for using SimpleViewer-Pro!

SimpleViewer Screenshot 1 SimpleViewer Screenshot 2


For documentation and support on using SimpleViewer-Pro, visit the SimpleViewer-Pro Support Home.

Universal Playback

SimpleViewer-Pro supports Universal Playback and can be viewed on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android. iPad Support

Customizing SimpleViewer-Pro

Build and customize SimpleViewer-Pro via svBuilder-Pro - a cross-platform desktop application that allows easy WYSIWYG gallery configuration. No Flash® IDE software required.

Flash developers also have the option of embedding SimpleViewer-Pro into a Flash movie and using the ActionScript API to create a completely custom user interface.


Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason SimpleViewer-Pro does not meet your requirements, please email us within 14 days of your order and we'll try to resolve any issues. If we are not able to resolve your issues, we will give you a 100% refund.

Presales Questions

Additional Questions? Check the Presales FAQ or email us.

People are saying...

“Lovely interface. Easily customizable and create-able. Mind-bogglingly simple.”
David Levingston | PhotoEnquiry

“SimpleViewer-Pro is truly a fantastic time-saving and beautiful tool for all site designers and developers. Bravo!”
Eric Anderson | Neoverve

“An excellent piece of software that offers unsurpassed value for money. It's easy to use, elegant and professional. Highly recommended.”
Stu | FeyLight Photography

“Thank you for such a clean looking program... Right out of the box, it was pretty much exactly what I wanted.”
Thomas Simon | Simon Photography

SimpleViewer-Pro Demos

These demos show some of the layouts and features supported by SimpleViewer-Pro. These designs and millions of others can be created by customizing SimpleViewer-Pro to your requirements.

Forest Demo

Shows many of the Pro features including AutoPlay, music and watermarks.

SimpleViewer Feature Comparison

SimpleViewer Standard SimpleViewer-Pro
Use on any website. yes yes
Universal Playback. Displays on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android. yes yes
Intuitive image navigation and smart image pre-loading. yes yes
Resizable interface and Fullscreen Mode. yes yes
Automatic International Language Support. yes yes
Optional right-click to open image in a new window. yes yes
Load images locally or from Flickr. yes yes
svBuilder desktop app for easy gallery building. yes yes
No branding or download link. no yes
Over 150 additional Pro Customization Options. no yes
Support for music, watermarks and back button. no yes
Support for auto-play and direct image download. no yes
Multiple image transition and button graphic styles. no yes
Embeddable in Flash and Flex (example files included). no yes
ActionScript and JavaScript API support. no yes
Support for ICC Color Profiles (Flash Player 10 required). no yes
Priority Customer Support. no yes
Support future development of SimpleViewer. no yes
Maximum images per gallery: 50 Unlimited
(500 for Flickr Galleries)
Price: Free $45