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SimpleViewer-Pro has been upgraded to version 2.0.
View upgrade details and v1.9 documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about using SimpleViewer, please check the FAQ first. Chances are your question has already been answered.

Support Forum

SimpleViewer is supported via an online forum. Before posting a new question, please search the forum to see if your question has already been answered.

Getting Started

  1. Download the Pro zip file from the download link that was emailed on purchase.
  2. Unzip simpleviewer-pro folder to your desktop.
  3. If you don't have it already, download and install Adobe AIR.
  4. Double-Click the svBuilder.air file and follow the prompts to install.
  5. Create a Pro gallery, then configure it with svBuilder.

Creating a Pro Gallery

Common Terms

The following terms are used frequently in this documentation:

  1. Gallery Folder - this is the folder that contains the SWF, the gallery.xml file and for an XML gallery, the gallery images and thumbnails. Copy the 'web' folder in the download to make a new gallery folder.
  2. Config Options - a list of options that describes a gallery's behavior. Contained in the gallery.xml file.
  3. gallery.xml - this is the document that describes how your gallery behaves. All config options are saved to this file, as well as image and caption data. View example.
  4. XML Gallery - a gallery that specifies the image list in the gallery.xml file. XML galleries load images and thumbnails from the gallery folder.
  5. Flickr Gallery - a gallery that loads its images, thumbnails and text from Flickr.
  6. svBuilder - a desktop application allows easy WYSIWIG gallery customization. View the svBuilder User Guide.

Pro Download Folder Contents

  • svBuilder.air - svBuilder installer.
  • web - gallery folder. This folder contains everything you need to upload to your website to add a SimpleViewer-Pro gallery.
  • examples - Contains example galleries.
  • examples\color_corrected - Flash 10 version of SimpleViewer-Pro with ICC Color Correction support.
  • examples\flash_embed - Example loading SimpleViewer-Pro into a container flash movie, and controlling it with the API.
  • examples\flex_embed- Example loading SimpleViewer-Pro in a container Flex application, and controlling it with the API.
  • examples\HTML_embed - various HTML embed examples.
  • examples\HTML_embed\basic_embed.html - Example of non-JavaScript basic embed code
  • examples\HTML_embed\classic.html - v1.9 style gallery.
  • examples\HTML_embed\compact.html - compact mode gallery.
  • examples\HTML_embed\flickr.html - Example Flickr gallery.
  • examples\HTML_embed\local.html - Loads swfobject locally for running galleries locally without a web connection.
  • examples\HTML_embed\javascript_api.html - example showing how to control SimpleViewer-Pro using the JavaScript API.

Upgrading Existing Galleries to Pro

To upgrade existing SimpleViewer galleries to SimpleViewer-Pro, you need to replace the simpleviewer.swf file in your existing gallery folder with the one that comes in the Pro download (at \web\simpleviewer.swf). You can now customize the gallery using svBuilder.

If you are using a template or plugin to create your SimpleViewer galleries, read how to upgrade a template to Pro.

Creating a Flickr Gallery

It's easy to create a Flickr gallery with svBuilder.

  1. Make a copy of the web folder in the Pro download. This will be your gallery folder.
  2. Run svBuilder and select the new gallery folder.
  3. Use the Flickr Option Panel to select Flickr username, set ids, group ids, tags and more.
  4. Modify other options as required.
  5. Once you are happy with your gallery, select 'Save' from the main menu to save your gallery xml.

Color Profile Support

Flash Player version 10 supports ICC Color Profiles. SimpleViewer-Pro includes a Flash 10 version that supports ICC Color Profiles. It is available in the examples\color_corrected folder of the Pro download folder. Use this version of the SWF and HTML file if you require ICC Color Profile support. This version requires the user to have Flash Player 10 installed on their machine.

By default SimpleViewer-Pro requires Flash player 9.0.124, as this version is more commonly available on user's computers. To ensure your image colors look correct in the default version of SimpleViewer-Pro, save your images without a color profile. Check the FAQ here for details.