SimpleViewer Standard Config Options

The following is a complete list of all the configuration options that are settable for SimpleViewer Standard version.

Standard Options

Set these options via svBuilder or by editing the gallery.xml file directly in any text editor. To add an option by editing the XML, add a line inside the opening simpleviewergallery tag. XML options are set in this format:

optionName = "optionValue"

If an option is missing from the XML, it will default to the value specified below. View an example gallery.xml file.

Option Name Default Value Description
title "" Text to display as gallery Title

Color of title and caption text. Hexadecimal color value.

frameColor #FFFFFF

Color of image frame, thumbnail frame, image navigation arrows and thumb navigation arrows. Hexadecimal color value.

frameWidth 20 Width of image frame (pixels).
galleryStyle MODERN

Gallery Style defines some of the gallery look and feel. Can be:

  • MODERN - Default style.
  • COMPACT- Designed to work for small size galleries such as when embedding in a blog. Overlay caption and button bar.
  • CLASSIC - SimpleViewer v1.9 style.
thumbPosition LEFT

Position of thumbnails relative to main image. Can be:

  • TOP
  • LEFT
  • NONE
thumbColumns 3

Number of thumbnail columns.

thumbRows 4

Number of thumbnail rows.

showOpenButton TRUE

Whether to show 'Open Image in New Window' button and right-click menu option.

showFullscreenButton TRUE

Whether to show 'Go Fullscreen' button and right-click menu option. Note: For fullscreen mode to work the 'allowfullscreen' flash param must be set to true in the HTML doc.

maxImageWidth 1024 Width of the widest image in the gallery. Used to determine the best layout for your gallery (pixels).
maxImageHeight 768 Height of tallest image in the gallery. Used to determine the best layout for your gallery (pixels).
useFlickr FALSE

Whether to use Flickr as the source of the images and text. Set to false for a local gallery. If set to true and no user name or tags are specified, SimpleViewer will fetch Flickr's current most interesting images.

flickrUserName ""

The Flickr user name of the photos to display. If this parameter isn't passed then everybody's public photos will be searched.

To get your flickr user name, login to flickr and look for the 'signed in as...' text at the top right. You can also get a Flickr username from a Flickr photostream url here (second field down).

Example: "felixturner"

flickrTags ""

A comma separated list of tags. Photos with one or more of the tags listed will be returned.

Example: "jump,smile"

Embed Options

These options determine how the gallery is displayed in the embedding HTML page. These options are set via svBuilder or directly in the embedding HTML code.

Option Name Default Value Description
galleryWidth 100%

Pixel or percentage width of gallery.

galleryHeight 100%

Pixel or percentage height of gallery.

backgroundColor #222222

Gallery background color as a hexadecimal number.

backgroundTransparent FALSE

Whether to display the gallery with a transparent background.

useFlash TRUE

Whether to use the Flash gallery when possible.

We recommend that this option remains at the default value (true). Only set this to false if you want to force the use of the non-Flash gallery for all devices. More details.

FlashVar Options [Advanced]

These options are set in the embedding HTML code via the flashvars parameter. It is also possible to set any of the options above using a FlashVar. If the FlashVar value and the XML value are different, the XML value will take precedence. FlashVar options are set with JavaScript in this format:

flashvars.galleryURL = "myGallery.xml";

Option Name Default Value Description
galleryURL gallery.xml

Relative or absolute URL of the gallery XML file. Relative paths are relative to the HTML page that contains the swf. Useful if you want to load gallery xml data from somewhere other than the default location.

baseURL ""

Relative or absolute URL of the gallery folder. Relative paths are relative to the HTML page that contains the swf. Useful when embedding SimpleViewer in a HTML page that is not in the gallery folder. View more info here.

If set, all relative URLs to gallery content (including images, thumbnails and XML) will be relative to this URL. This includes the galleryURL.

languageCode AUTO

Language to use for display text. This is best left as "AUTO". Only required if you want to force the display language. Can be:

  • AUTO - Language detected automatically from user's system (Recommended).
  • DA - Danish
  • DE - German
  • EN - English
  • ES - Spanish
  • FI - Finnish
  • FR - French
  • IT - Italian
  • JA - Japanese
  • NL - Dutch
  • NO - Norwegian
  • PL - Polish
  • PT - Portuguese
  • RU - Russian
  • SV - Swedish
  • TR - Turkish
  • VI - Vietnamese
  • ZH - Chinese
languageList "Previous,Next,Start AutoPlay,Stop AutoPlay,Play Audio,Pause Audio,Go FullScreen,Exit FullScreen,Open Image in New Window,Download Image,About,AutoPlay ON,AutoPlay OFF"

Used to specify a custom language for display text. This can be used to specify a language not handled by the languageCode above. Using this option overrides languageCode. Specify text as a comma delimited list as shown left.